Memorial Wall for Murder Victims

The Memorial Wall for Murder Victims
was created here to help us remember
the names of our loved ones
who were murdered.

In listing method of murder and legal status
of the case, we also show visitors
the reality that their families
must live with.

Most of all, however, we hope to plant seeds
of compassion in the hearts of those who
read the names: seeds that may develop
into a commitment to understanding
homicide and finding solutions.

We invite you to enter below.

Murder Memorial Wall Section #1

Murder Memorial Wall Section #2

Murder Memorial Wall Section #3


Vehicular Deaths are statistically listed as Auto Accidents. However, deaths caused by Vehicles operated by drivers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, as well as vehicles operated by drivers who hit, then leave the scene without stopping to render assistance or identifying themselves are surely criminal, not accidental.

We Honor Their Victims Here.....

Murder Memorial Wall Vehicular Death

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Anonymous or incomplete submissions will not be honored. All submissions subject to verification. Be prepared to submit documentation verifying the legal status should we request it. Names submitted that do not qualify legally as a criminal homicide cannot be placed on this wall.

While updating and editing the existing Murder Wall, names which did not meet the above criteria were removed.

If you believe a name was removed in error, and you wish to have them honored on this site, please resubmit their name here.......

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