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2timeing.wavNabiki: No, Kuno-baby. Thats what I would call two-timing. Wouldn't you? Kuno: What? So that's what they call it...222KB10 sec.
aboy2u.wavNabiki: This is all your fault daddy, don't you know the difference between a boy and a girl? Soun: I'd assumed my friend Genma's son was a boy. Nabiki: Excuse me, does this look like a boy to you? Huh, daddy? Onna-Ranma: Please, I wish you'd stop that.264KB12 sec.
Baka.wavRanma (Japanese): Baka!70KB1 sec.
Baka2.wavAkane (Japanese): Baka.11KB1 sec.
Cooling.wavMousse: Wait up, Shampoo! I would not be averse to a cooling swim in the-aah! [sound of him grumbling as a duck]141KB6 sec.
Crudebt.wavOnna-Ranma: Lousy jerks! You better untie me right now! Lemme go! Lemme outta here! I'm gonna get you! I swear I'll make you sorry, you better lemme go! Aaaah! Mousse: Do you really think such a crude bait is capable of luring the malafactors?(?)200KB9 sec.
damage.wavTofu: Akane. Akane: Yes? Tofu: Did you really do this? Akane: Uhm.. uh. Tofu: Aha! I knew it! I knew that damage looked kinda unique! [laughs to himself]341KB15 sec.
drtofu.wavTofu: The bruises. The severe dislocation of the joints. Poor kid. Who did this to him? Akane: Huh? Well, hh, uhm...200KB9 sec.
Eofwomen.wavGirls: Ugh, you pig! Whats the matter with you, using that poor girl like that? You enemy- (of women)129KB14 sec.
goodmorn.wavOnna-Ranma: Good morning, Mr. Tendo!98KB4 sec.
Howclever.wavKasumi: How clever to have thought of those things. Would you like some more tea?87KB4 sec.
life.wav[old guys talking about Dr. Tofu] To go in there now for an exam could cost you your life. And he's usually such a fine young doctor, too.156KB7 sec.
Loverboy.wavMousse: Shampoo, whats wrong with you? I'm right where you left me. Here I am sweetheart, your loverboy! Your knight in shining armor! The father of your children! [gets beat up]211KB9 sec.
manhood.wavGendo: Were you not prepared to lay down your life for the sake of the art? Onna-Ranma: My life, yes. My manhood is another story!226KB10 sec.
Marryme.wavNabiki: If you want to marry me, you'd better fork over something valuable.100KB4 sec.
Mockery.wavRyoga: How dare they make mockery of Ryoga Hibiki! They won't get away with this!119KB5 sec.
Moussemk.wavMousse: Ugh. Mackerel jerkey.47KB2 sec.
Moussing.wav[Mousse singing in bkg: Dream, my impossible dream! Look at me, I've got new selfesteem! To date the [something]-able Shampoo!] Ukyo: You mean we can't go in unless we pair up? Shampoo: Haiya! Shampoo forget that part! Ukyo: Akane. Shampoo: Ranma. Ranma: Huh?220KB10 sec.
mouthshut.wavRanma: Uhng... I gotta learn to keep my mouth shut.55KB2 sec.
Notint.wavRanma: What're you doing? Put your clothes back on! I told you, I'm ~not interested~!93KB4 sec.
pervert2.wavAkane: If you were any more rarin to go, you'd be nude, you pervert!134KB6 sec.
pervert3.wavGuy: Tatewaki Kuno was Furinkan High's greatest champion. Guy2: He was also its greatest pervert! Kuno: Who're you calling a pervert? Guy3: Hey, Ranma's an okay guy, Akane, even though we don't like it. We decided its time for us to get over you. Akane: Thats because they don't know a real pervert when they see one. Onna-Ranma: Just shut up.432KB20 sec.
Piggies.wavOnna-Ranma: Or maybe you just got a reason you can't get your little piggies wet. [laugh]121KB5 sec.
Pillar.wavGuy: Its a... pillar of cats!47KB2 sec.
Poorbaby.wavUkyo: Oh, poor baby, you've really had it rough! [sound of water being poured] But, I have to admit, having you this way is a lot more fun. Ranma: For who?217KB10 sec.
Ppickles.wavKirin: P-p-pickles!!!!73KB3 sec.
Ranmago2far.wavShampoo: [mad gasp] Ranma go too far, no touch Shampoo! [sound of Ranma being slapped a few times]97KB4 sec.
Romantic.wavOnna-Ranma: Hey! We are in the middle of a romantic moment, here!69KB3 sec.
ryogalost.wavRyoga: Its a miracle, I can't believe it! I made it all the way to Akane's house without getting lost!120KB5 sec.
Shampoohome.wavShampoo: Greatgrandmother, I home!37KB1 sec.
Shield.wavRanma: Oh! Great! You guys, will you stop using me as your shield?!92KB4 sec.
Socheap.wavKuno: Very well, Nabiki Tendo, then I shall pay you 5000 Yen to depart the craft! Nabiki: Make it 10000. Sorry, Kuno-baby, who knew you were so cheap?250KB11 sec.
Sodark.wavKasumi: My! So dark and inviting.52KB2 sec.
Somegrl.wavOnna-Ranma: Some girl! You dont gotta fraction of my good looks! Akane: What did you say?! Would you mind repeating that?! Onna-Ranma: You're uncute, unsexy, built like a stick, and violent as a guerrila!208KB9 sec.
soun3.wavSoun: Thats enough. Whats the fuss, whats going on?40KB3 sec.
soundeas.wavSoun: Okay, so maybe its not one of his better ideas. [sound of cats in bkg]34KB3 sec.
sounincredible.wavSoun: Wha! Incredible!17KB1 sec.
souninteresting.wavSoun: Well, well, well. This has been a very interesting day, wouldn't you say, Saotome.50KB4 sec.
sounmeaning.wavSoun: Ranma, what is the meaning of all of this?! Ranma: I don't know I don't know!!!44KB4 sec.
sounramen.wavSoun: There's no way I'm giving up on that ramen. Or on Ranma.47KB4 sec.
sounstranger.wavSoun: Oh, and who might you be, stranger?21KB1 sec.
sounwait.wavSoun: Wait just a minute now! There's something you need to know!33KB3 sec.
Speaksowell.wavKasumi: You speak so well for someone who just left China.62KB2 sec.
surrounded.wavGuy: Hey, Ranma. We're here to cheer you up. Guy2: Even when you're flat on your back, you're surrounded by girls...135KB6 sec.
Takeoff.wavAkane: Take that dress off now!! Sosuke: Here? In front of everyone?91KB4 sec.
Thesmell.wavAkane: Uugh! The smell...!53KB2 sec.
Tofu.wavTofu: Soon you'll understand.29KB1 sec.
Tofuhi.wavTofu: Hi, Kasumi! What an amazing coincidence that we should meet here, of all places.99KB4 sec.
Tomboy.wavAkane: Who're you calling a tomboy?35KB1 sec.
Toohard.wavAkane: I-uh.. I guess I hit him a little too hard.56KB2 sec.
toufou1.wavTofu: Hi! Hey, don't be afraid, this is Betty, my skeletan. Lovely complexion, don't you think?40KB5 sec.
ukyou.wavUkyo: I'm Ukyo, Ukyo Koinji [her intro, methinks i spelt her last name wrong. ^^;]48KB2 sec.
uncute.wavRanma: You are just ~so~ uncute.59KB2 sec.
waitup.wavAkane: Ryoga, please, wait up! I'm begging yooou!551KB6 sec.
whereschool.wavRyoga: Where is Furinkan High School?47KB2 sec.
whywater.wavRanma: Water! Why does it ~always~ have to be ~water~?!!267KB38 sec.
womenpower.wavRanma: Can it be that I've lost it? That I've lost my power over women?100KB4 sec.
yuck.wavOnna-Ranma: Aaaah! Kasumi: What's wrong? Onna-Ranma: These are ~boy's~ underwear...! Kasumi: Well, yes.101KB4 sec.

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