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addict.wavRanma: Uagh, whats wrong with him?! Genma: The master... Soun: ...he's in withdrawl. Ranma: What did you say? Genma: The master isn't just another pervert, he's an addict. Soun: Thats right. For him, not to be able to touch a woman is like not being able to breath. Ranma: I had no idea.350KB16 sec.
akanelove.wavRanma: Are you okay? Akane: Ranma, you mustn't ever forget it. I love you. More than anyone else in the world. Shampoo: No, not Akane! Shampoo much much much more love Ranma. [pause] Oh no! Ranma supposed to say he love Shampoo first! Haiyaaa!490KB22 sec.
akaweird.wavAkane: So its a little weird. But its still a challenge.36KB2 sec.
akcool.wavAkane: Thats.. thats cool!44KB2 sec.
akfree.wavAkane: Ranma's free to date the entire student body, for all I care. Ranma: Thats right.94KB4 sec.
akheavy.wavShampoo: Akane, when you get so heavy?24KB2 sec.
aklove.wavAkane: I love you Ranma! Love you lots! [Ranma in background going Huh?]44KB4 sec.
amazons.wavNabiki: Not the queen of the Amazons.37KB1 sec.
back.wavOnna-Ranma: Oh, what a big, strong back you have. I bet the girls must go gaga for you, eh, big stud?131KB6 sec.
backchina.wavOnna-Ranma: I'm going back to China now. So suck on that, old man.102KB4 sec.
battlecry.wavOnna-Ranma: [delirious laughing] So that's the way you want it, eh, Shampoo? Well, thats fine with me. Cause I'm not gonna rest- not until I hear you say it: Ranma, I love you! Kasumi: Oh my. Was that a battle cry?490KB22 sec.
blackpetunia.wavKodachi: What a man... Ranma: Oh no, its whats-her-face. Black Petunia, or whatever.55KB5 sec.
body.wavShampoo: Stop stupid talking, Ranma. Oh, what you can do with body like this.130KB6 sec.
bored.wavNabiki: But maybe you should reconsider. I mean, think how much more interesting your honeymoon will be this way. At least you'll never be bored. Right, Akane?177KB8 sec.
business.wavNabiki: It seems I have a little business proposition for you all.72KB3 sec.
button.wavOnna-Ranma: What's their problem? Akane: Button your blousse! Button it, I said!80KB3 sec.
cantsay.wavRyoga: I can't say it I can't say it I can't say it. [screaming going on, mostly Akane and Ryoga wailing at himself] Akane: R-ryoga?!130KB5 sec.
cheater.wavAkane: Cheater!19KB1 sec.
chestnut.wavRanma: Kachu Tenshin Amaguriken! Yaaaaah!!! Waaah!128KB6 sec.
comenow.wavShampoo: Ranma, you come here now.41KB1 sec.
contest.wavShampoo: You no have contest...... without me!111KB5 sec.
cook.wavRanma: Thats right. Nobody human could eat that stuff. Ryoga, maybe, but he don't count as human, now does he?119KB5 sec.
crazy.wavShampoo: What?! Is you crazy?40KB1 sec.
crimes.wavRanma: Gee. Aint it just peachy how I keep getting involved in all the crimes he commits.61KB5 sec.
crylaugh.wavRyoga: [crying/laughing at the same time]102KB4 sec.
cute.wavRanma: And here you were so cute, too. I mean, who woulda thought that you'd turn out so good lookin'. Ukyo: C-cute? Ranma: You'll make someone a great wife. Ukyo: Go on, stop lying. I'm not cute. Ranma: Sure you are, Ukyo, why would I lie? Ukyo: Am not am not am not. Ranma: You're cute, I tell ya. Ukyo: Go on, get out of here. Ranma: Reeaal cute.476KB22 sec.
date.wavRyoga: I'm here. Akane's here. This wouldn't be a date, would it? Akane: Sure would. [nervous laugh] Ryoga: Yes!!!174KB8 sec.
dddate.wavRyoga: Well, I-I dunno if I'm ready, I mean, a d-d-date is kinda serious.74KB3 sec.
dead.wavRyoga: Ranma....... you are a dead man!122KB5 sec.
defended.wavSoun Tendo: She did it! She defended the honor of the Anything Goes School of Martial Arts, and she defended the ramen too!124KB5 sec.
deserve.wavRyoga: Hmph. You deserved that. See ya.53KB2 sec.
didntdo.wavKasumi: But I really didn't do anything.159KB1 sec.
different.wavShampoo: You stronger now then last time! Akane: Heh. I'm a whole different person then I was yesterday.164KB7 sec.
dirty.wavOnna-Ranma: Eww! Its a dirty old man in a dirty old suit!64KB2 sec.
ditch.wavUkyo: You left me by the side of the road, and took off with my father's cart.74KB3 sec.
doing.wavAkane: I ~said~, what are you two ~doing~ in there?!!77KB3 sec.
dontlook.wavOnna-Ranma: Ah! Oh no! Don't look! Soun/Genma: We're r-really sorry. Onna-Ranma: Please, remember to knock next time before entering. What if I had been unclothed? Soun/Genma: Yes, of course.218KB10 sec.
doormat.wavRyoga: Ranma! How dare you treat me like some kind of doormat!85KB3 sec.
dragon.wavRanma: Heiryuu... Shoten... Ha!85KB3 sec.
drowntub.wavAkane: I'll drown him in the bathtub!45KB2 sec.
early.wavRyoga: Made it. Its a good thing that I left as early as I did.73KB3 sec.
equal.wavRyoga: Which means we're equal, he and I. No! I'm even more equal!111KB5 sec.
feminine.wavAkane: You are unbelievable! [sound of water being poored, Ranma goes "aah!" (its hot. ^^)] Have you no sense of feminine modesty?119KB5 sec.
fiendgenma.wavGenma: Take that, you fiend! Happosai: Aaaaaah!54KB2 sec.
flakyjerk.wavRanma: C'mon, where the heck are you, you flaky jerk?63KB2 sec.
gashamed.wavGenma: [sobbing] I'm so ashamed. My son is a sniveling coward. Ranma: Who're you to talk, you're the one who did this to me, Pop, you! [Genma sneers and laughs, Ranma exclaims in shock/horror (?? i dunno what the scene is)]116KB10 sec.
gblast.wavGenma: That Heaven Blast of the Dragon trick of yours is really somethin' else.45KB4 sec.
genma2.wavGenma: Listen Ranma, I've told you a thousand times.27KB3 sec.
gettinglost.wavRyoga: Okay then, I'm going to Nekonron, China. Ranma: Yah, right, Ryoga. You can't go to the bathroom without getting lost. It'd take you years to get to China. I'll go with you. I've still got a score to settle with that Kirin guy.286KB13 sec.
gfinal.wavGenma: The Saotome Final Attack is founded on three principles: Speed, Stratage, and Seperation. Akane: In other words, run away until you can think of something better to do? [pause with music] And you call yourself a martial artist!146KB13 sec.
gfool.wavGenma: Foolish boy!17KB1 sec.
gforgive.wavGenma: Don't worry Ranma, I forgive you!33KB3 sec.
ggirl.wavGenma: You sound like a girl, Ranma.50KB2 sec.
ggrave.wavGenma: Well, since you seem so confidant, boy... Ranma: Huh? ...what're you doin'? Genma: Digging your grave, boy, it may be the last thing I can do for you.110KB10 sec.
ginto.wavGenma: Ranma, my boy, allow me to introduce you. Say hello to Ukyo, your betrothed.118KB5 sec.
glass2.wavAkane: Sorry, Ryoga. But its... Ranma that I love. Ryoga: Okay, so she wouldn't say that. If she did, my poor heart would be [sound of glass breaking] ... it'd break into a thousand pieces! Farewell, Akane!507KB23 sec.
goctopi.wavGenma: Curse those evil octopi.25KB2 sec.
gods.wavRyoga: This soap was a gift to me from the gods.50KB2 sec.
gohome.wavRanma: No go home, Shampoo. Shampoo: Wha- Shampoo go! [music] Byebye! Ranma: See ya!189KB sec.
goko.wavGenma: Personally, I prefer my okonomiyaki without the noodles. But then again, I've always been more of a traditionalist at heart, anyway. Could you pass me that plate over there?183KB8 sec.
good.wavRyoga: Akane, all you all- Onna-Ranma: [sounding..tipsy] Heheh... was it good for you too?110KB5 sec.
gpickle.wavGenma: I'd like to, but I can't. Martial artists must rise above their stomachs. If this pickle causes you to lose your focus, its my job to remove its temptation from your site! [sound of him taking a big bite of the pickle]113KB10 sec.
gread.wavGenma: Too bad I never read the page. [evil laugh]86KB3 sec.
gsave.wavGenma: Ah, the lengths a man will go in order to save his one and only son. The really ironic thing: no matter how much you love him, you just can't save a child by himself! [sobbing]115KB10 sec.
gwhin.wavGenma: Ranma, quit your whining! If you can't handle a little training exercise, how do you expect to one day carry on the Saotome School of Martial--- [sounds of a panda grunting]129KB11 sec.
gwits.wavGenma: Have you lost your wits, boy?!145KB1 sec.
hapbra.wavHapposai: A brasierre, brasierre! hoho!89KB4 sec.
happoor.wavHapposai: Aaah! The poor dearies, all alone and unprotected. Allow me to take you to a safer location, my silky darlings.199KB9 sec.
hero.wavRyoga: I can't lie to myself any longer, Akane. I can't give you what you need. I've tried to block it out, but in my heart, I think I've secretly begun hoping you'd lose. Farewell, Akane, I'm going off on a long journey, to clear my mind. At least, this once, I will be the hero. It must be my destiny.608KB28 sec.
holdon.wavRyoga: Hey! Hey-hold on! You're not... leaving..?68KB3 sec.
horizontal.wavOnna-Ranma: Heiryuu Shoten Ha revised! Horizontal blast! Haaaaaaa!128KB6 sec.
ideas.wavAkane: Hmph! Please do not give my dad any dumb ideas, Mr. Saotome.119KB5 sec.
illegit.wavRanma: Who woulda thunk the old man still had it in him, huh? [nervous laugh]80KB3 sec.
imakane.wavAkane: I'm Akane. You wanna be friends?40KB3 sec.
imscared.wavRanma: Oh gee, I'm scared.16KB2 sec.
ink.wavRyoga: Gimme all the green ink you've got!41KB1 sec.
insensitivejerk.wavUkyo: Well, of course I..I-I...l-love you... Oh-hoo, how dare you force a woman to tell you something like that, you insensitive jerk! [starts swinging her spatula around, whacking Ranma. ^^;;]375KB17 sec.
jackasslil.wavUkyo [as a little kid]: I won't let that jackass beat me. HerFather: This game was your idea, and watch your mouth.123KB5 sec.
jusbad.wavJusenkyo Guide: Oh, too bad, you fall in Nyaniichiuan. Spring of Drowned Girl. There very tragic legend of young girl who drown in spring 1500 year ago. Now whoever fall in spring take body of a young girl. Heh.153KB14 sec.
jushere.wavJusenkyo Guide: Here sirs we come to famous training ground of cursed springs. Jusenkyo. [cool voice when he says that. teehee.]154KB4 sec.
kasimagine.wavKasumi: Oh my. I imagine Mr. Saotome will need something different for breakfast.63KB5 sec.
kastrouble.wavKasumi: Well, I wouldn't want to trouble you.53KB2 sec.
kempo.wav[applause] Teacher: Next. Student1: Wow, he's amazing. Student2: From what I hear, Ranma went abroad to study acrobatics in China, you know. Ranma: Its Kempo, not acrobatics.226KB10 sec.
kick.wavRyoga: That didn't hurt at all, Ranma! It felt like a baby's kick! Ranma: What did you say? I kicked you hard enough to bust that stupid head of yours open! Of course it hurt.189KB8 sec.
killer.wavRyoga: Don't worry, Akane, there's no need to be afraid with me here to hold you. Ryoga, you lady killer, you, I can't believe you just said- huh?192KB8 sec.
killyou.wavRanma: Such as putting your lady-killing butt straight into a coffin. Got it? Akane is my fiance. You touch her and I'll ~kill~ you.191KB8 sec.
kunddate.wavKuno: I, the noble heir of the Kuno school of Kendo? Of course he isn't. Surely I shall smite the cretonous Saotome. And then I shall doubledate with the virtuous Akane Tendo and the highspirited pigtailed girl. [evil/crazed laugh]168KB16 sec.
kunhoist.wavKuno: Hoist with my own pertard...! (eheh?)58KB2 sec.
kunlove.wavKuno: The fire thats closest kept burns most of all. Those who show their love, love least. How very true, in suth(?) Akane Tendo and the pigtailed girl show their love not at all.279KB12 sec.
kunmadness.wavKuno: Already, a vision of you in your leotard drives me to madness.93KB4 sec.
Kuno.wavKuno (Japanese): [says some stuff... and then introduces himself, thunder in the bkg]107KB9 sec.
kunplatonic.wavKuno: Saotome, the course of true love never did run smooth, and yet there's a time for all things. I enjoin thee, keep thy love platonic.155KB7 sec.
laugh.wavRyoga: [...laughs...]173KB2 sec.
leftbehind.wavUkyo: Genma Saotome... well, what do you know. Genma: Hello, have we met somewhere before? Ukyo: You got some nerve. I'm the child you left behind, remember? Ukyo! Genma: Oh..oh yah! Ukyo: Your number's up, Pops!186KB17 sec.
lollyhoo.wav[the oni (demon) from "Faster Kasumi, Kill, Kill!" doing his little 'lollyhoo..whahaha' thing. ^_^]245KB11 sec.
lovestolen.wavMousse: Enjoy it while you can, Ranma Saotome. By the time the show's over, you'll know what it feels like to have your true love stolen by another.235KB10 sec.
lucky.wavRanma: Ryoga, you're a week late, man. Its okay, though, I guess its pretty early, for you. Ryoga: It means you had another week to live, Ranma. I'd be thanking my lucky stars, if I were you.215KB9 sec.
luvshampoo.wavMousse: Shampoo! I love you, Shampoo! [sounds of Mousse being beaten up. ^^;]170KB7 sec.
mad.wavAkane: Molester! Pervert!! You big ~liar~!!! [sounds of her beating up Ranma] Have you gone ~crazy~?!182KB8 sec.
man.wavOnna-Ranma: Aaah! Ryoga: Wha...? Onna-Ranma: Ryoga, please, please be more gentle with me, I'm scared. Ryoga: A..a..Akane. The time I spent with you. No matter how kind you were to me... H..how much you loved me. I was never enough for my man's heart. For the first time ever, my Akane, I embrace you as a man.[note: Onna-Ranma's pretending to be Akane. ^^;;;;]736KB34 sec.
monster.wavRanma: He's some kinda monster.32KB1 sec.
mousse.wavMousse: What did you do with Shampoo, you dried up monkey?! [whapwhap] Cologne: Who's dried up?84KB7 sec.
moussedead.wavMousse: What's this?! Ranma Saotome, back from the dead?!36KB3 sec.
moussehitting.wavMousse: If you're gonna be hitting Ranma, I want in!30KB2 sec.
nabpet.wavNabiki: Hm. I guess I'm just used to dealing with pets.76KB3 sec.
nihao.wavShampoo: Nihao, Ranma! Today beautiful.54KB2 sec.
nohurt.wavRyoga: You just don't get it, do you, Ranma. You can't hurt me! You can't defeat me, Saotome!180KB8 sec.
nopig.wavRyoga: It..its not a dream. This means... this means I'm cured of the pig! [crazed laugh]147KB6 sec.
notway.wavSoun: I..I'm sorry, Ranma, but I'm just not.. that way.85KB3 sec.
ohakane.wavRyoga: Then this means... she's inviting me on a date! Its good to be a live! Oh, Akane! [echo]237KB10 sec.
ohayou.wavAkane (Japanese): Ohayou. [singing, from an opening song]44KB1 sec.
ohmy.wavKasumi: Oh my.7KB1 sec.
ohno.wavAkane: Ooh no! There's no way I'm letting P-chan go!72KB3 sec.
opening2.wav[school bell]42KB5 sec.
payback.wavOnna-Ranma: Time for the deep fat frier, you poor excuse for a picnic!324KB3 sec.
pchelp.wavP-chan: [squeals...a lot.]83KB3 sec.
pervert.wavAkane: I can't believe you'd sink so low. You're an even bigger pervert than him!97KB4 sec.
pervert2.wavAkane: There's a pervert in the bathroom!22KB2 sec.
pigcute.wavP-chan: [squeals] Ranma: Ryoga.... Akane: Where have you been? I've been so worried, P-chan! Ranma: P-chan? Akane: You know, Pig Cute?179KB8 sec.
radramatic.wavRanma: Enough with the dramatic buildup, already.26KB2 sec.
ranfreak.wavOnna-Ranma: H-he's like a freak of nature.54KB2 sec.
ranma2.wavRanma: Whatcha do that for?!9KB1 sec.
ransucks.wavOnna-Ranma: Well, I still say the whole thing sucks!63KB2 sec.
revolves.wavAkane: Not everybody thinks the whole world revolves around ~boys~.29KBe sec.
Ryouga1.wavRyoga: Its Ryoga Hibiki. [his intro]15KB1 sec.
ryougadown.wavRyoga: Wah! Ah! Uh - We'll be right down, uh, Akane! [nervous laughter]42KB3 sec.
ryougafinally.wavRyoga: Furinkan High School. Which means... which means, somehow, against all odds, I finally made it!80KB7 sec.
ryougahappy.wavRyoga: Ah! Its good to be alive! Imagine me, eating a homecooked meal by Akane! I'm the happiest guy in the world!73KB6 sec.
ryougatalk.wavRyoga: I won't allow you to talk to her that way.27KB2 sec.
seems.wavKasumi: Do you know who this person is? Onna-Ranma: My dear Uncle Tendo. Kasumi: And this is? Octopus face. Kasumi: Good, and him? Onna-Ranma: An oompa-loompa.186KB8 sec.
shamkiss.wavShampoo: I give you kiss of death. Now you die!65KB2 sec.
shpig.wavShampoo: Now, where Shampoo see that little pig before?66KB3 sec.
signal.wavRyoga: To stand here and ignore all Akane's signals would mean that I am not a man!107KB4 sec.
soun1.wavSoun: How I've waited for this day.25KB3 sec.
soun2.wavSoun: Very well! This looks like a job for the two of us. What do you think, Saotome? Genma: Mmhmm. We must not allow any more innocents to suffer.94KB8 sec.
ukiofiance.wavUkyo: I'm Ranma's cute fiance.16KB1 sec.
ukioranchan.wavUkyo (Japanese): Ran-chan?25KB1 sec.
ukshovel.wavUkyo: Peeyew, somebody get a shovel.56KB2 sec.
unbelieveable.wavGossip: He kissed her! In front of everyone! Right on! Oooh! He kissed her! He acted like a cat and he kissed her! He's purring, aww man! Unbelievable!127KB11 sec.
unhappy.wavShampoo: [neko form] hiss! Nabiki: There's no doubt about it. Its not happy to see Akane.35KB3 sec.
visiter.wavKasumi: Mr. Saotome, you have a visiter! Ranma: Knowing you, its probably a bill collector. Nabiki: That would not surprise me. Kasumi: Actually, its an attractive older woman! Tendo: Say it ain't so! There's gotta be some kinda mistake, right Kasumi?159KB14 sec.
wahahaha.wavRyoga: [crazed laugh] Akane: Ryoga!32KB2 sec.
wait.wavUkyo: Ranma, wait!21KB1 sec.
weak.wavRanma: I'd listen to her if I were you, Ryoga. Besides, you know I hate bullying the weak. Ryoga: So I'm weak, huh? [growl] -huh?104KB9 sec.
weakspot.wavKuno: And? Sasuke: What? Kuno: His weak spot is? Sasuke: But- Kuno: Man, spit it out! There is no dishonor in knowing an opponent's weak spot! So come on, tell me, tell me. Tell me right now, ya idiot! Sasuke: [whisperwhisper]227KB20 sec.
Where.wavRyoga: Where on Earth am I now?! [echo]143KB6 sec.
whoa.wavUkyo: Whooa!9KB1 sec.
whothere.wavKasumi: Hello? Who's there?20KB1 sec.
womanilo.wavRanma: The woman you are is the woman I lo-37KB3 sec.
wornout.wavAzusa: Oh-oh-oh! Lil' Azusa is so worn out!45KB4 sec.

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