Post Tsunami Activities Report of ‘LORRIS'

1. 'LORRIS' facility at Bangamukande Estate used as counseling center for trauma victims
from 3.01.2005 - 31.01.2005 - 20 persons (mostly children cared for by medical staff)
2. Survey of physical damage to Crow Island beach from 31-01-2005 to 10-02-2005.
3 cleanup of crow island seaside beach park with volunteer participation of 20 different groups
(schools, sports & welfare clubs etc. etc.) on 20-02-2005, 0900 am. (Expect 200 participants)
Eco field workshop for OL / AL school kids (on the beach) by university undergrads, 1300 pm.
3. Entertainment of trauma victims (with play activities on the beach, musical events, carnival etc.)
From 23-02-2005 - 27-02-2005, with popular artists in attendance.
4. planting approximately 10,000 plants on the beach front, from 01-04-2005 to 31-11-2005
5. planting approximately 10,000 plants in Mt. Heycock foothill areas in Galle district, by 'LORRIS'.
(on going rain forest restoration programme), from 01-05-2005 to 31-11-2005

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