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ELCOME to the latest version of the "Lair of the Toxic Elf", a place of magic, wonder, and bad attitudes. Mainly: you'll wonder what magic is making you put up with my bad attitude.

I dropped the friggin site map, on account of you sick bastiches kept complaining that nothing "interesting" worked. Pervs. So now Ya have to use the index to your left. And stop whining about the frames. I like 'em just fine.

All images on this sight were either scanned, retouched, or created by yours truly. The layout's mine as well. I guess that make this stuff my copyright, but if ya want to use these images, go ahead, just give credit where credit's due.

Speaking of credit, special thanx to my friend Helen, who did the layout on the rants.

For anyone wondering, yes I do freelance work.

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