Islam-O-meter & Graphs on 5 Pillars of Islam

The 5 Pillars in Islam are:

  1. Creed or the testimony of faith.
  2. Salat or praying five times daily.
  3. Sawm or fasting in the month of Ramadan.
  4. Pay the Zakat to support the needy.
  5. Hajj or Pilgrimage to Mecca once in a life-time, for those who are able.

Accordingly, here are sliders with the 5 pillars and we only have to move the sliders to draw the bar and line graphs as to how good or competent we are in these five pillars.


Allahu Alam, or only Allah knows now, how much is the Hasanah or rewards that we will be gaining by practicing these five pillars in our life! And we and everyone will know the rewards in the Akhirah or the Last Day! Accordingly, I have not marked the y-axis percentages!

However, we can always asess and strive in the path of Allah's Deen. Accordingly, in the next section I am adapting the content of the page at where we have a Self Assessment and graph generator.

'Where we are?' in our First Pillar of Islam

Though we said we do not know how Allah The Most Wise, and The Best of Judges will judge us on the Last Day, we can hope and do our own Self Assessments for each of the pillars of Islam separately. Accordingly, here is a table defining the different levels of assessment for the Creed or Shahada: the first pillar of Islam:

Description of Self Assessment Level for ShahadaLevel No. & Name
I know everything about Shahada but I have never invited anyone to Islam in my life!1. Aware
I tell about the Shahada & invite people to Islam only if someone demands it from me!2. React
I talk about the Shahada & invite people to Islam only when there is a ceremony, or a function.3. Act Ocassionally
I invite people to & Islam every time, but forget whenever I am busy, or have friends visiting4. Act Continously
Inviting people to & Islam is my life! I am as good as the best in the world!5. Lifestyle

So, the highest practice level possible in any Pillar of Islam is: Level 5

Accordingly, enter Levels for the practices in the five pillars and click button to see graph.
Shahada or Creed:

Salat or Prayer:

Sawm or Fasting:

Zakat or Charity:

Hajj or Pilgrimage:

Total: Remain:

No graph drawn if total > 25 or = 0.

Remember: It is more about constantly improving your practices in the five pillars of Islam than just doing the Self Assessments

Also, everyone of us can do our own Self-Assessment (SA) of their competency level on this scale of one to five levels in each of the practices of the pillars of Islam, in striving to get closer to Allah, our Creator.

As this is just one of the many ways of Self Assessment, do inform me any suggestions, corrections or improvements of this page at: or WhatsApp: +91 755 88 45 528.