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Welcome to my Kool & The Gang site.
This site includes (or will include) information on members, track listings (support requested) and comprehensive lyrics.


This part of the site is about each band member I know of - instrument(s) played, year joined, year left (if any) and name meaning - a matter of interest because several members have changed theirs during their time in the band.
All links from this site to each member is a band name so if they don't have one or I don't know it I have made one up (and some are pretty desperate so if you can think of (suggestion) or know (proof required) a better one then please e-mail and tell me so I can change it.
Oh and please don't take offensive they are desperate names but they are not meant to be rude or insulting to any member of "Kool & The Gang".

Discography (The first transition)
Discography (The second transition)
Discography (The third transition)
Singlography (the singles)

Speaks for it's self really. This is all the albums I know of and hopefully by the end of the site I will have all the track listing to go with them (please e-mail and help me if you know some I don't). This is where the lyrics should eventually link from and these are the lyrics as I hear them so if you disagree with what I put e-mail and tell me what you hear and I will re-listen and you may get it changed.
By the way a lot of the listings are from "CDDB" and they say in their disclaimer that some of the listings there are owner compiled albums so if you compiled any of the albums you read about here tell me and some albums will be marked [request confirmation] if you can confirm or disconfirm their existence as official "gang LP's" tell me.
By the way observe the first and last albums on top of the discography page because this tells you which links will work and which will send you into the "Whoops we can't find your page" area of geocities because I have yet to build that page but if you ever find this and believe you shouldn't e-mail me and I will try to solve the problem.

Ideas Discography

This page contains some suggestions of mine for what I think would be good new "Kool & The Gang" compilations and if you send in any of yours they will also be put here. If you agree with any suggestions you see here please e-mail me so your support will be recognized.

Please Reissue It

This page is for you. as I write there is virtually nothing on it but if you send in the name of a "Kool & The Gang" album or compilation you would like reissued I will put it here along with a link that tells you all the people who have voted for it so far. If enough people want it then "Kool & The Gang" may reissue (it worked for "Live At P.J.'s). So please vote.

Date List

Due to all the contradictory dates I have here is a list of all the dates I know about so far so if you can solve these contradictions you can e-mail me and so make the site accurate.

Explanations And Definitions
Lyrics Key

This page is my attempt at trying to explain how I have used everything on this site. If there is anything I explained badly or forgot to explain at all e-mail me and I will attempt to correct it.


Most importantly if you think something is missing from this site or should not be on this site tell me I will make any changes required.
To help me sort my mail I request (though I obviously can't enforce this) that you use the subjects listed below when you send mail to this site

Members list - Members

Discography list one (the) first transition
Discography list two - (the) second transition
Discography list three - (the) third transition

The albums from "Kool And The Gang" to "Music Is The Message" - the early years
" " from "(... And) Good Times" to "Love & Understanding - the golden years
" " from "Open Sesame" to "Everybody's Dancin' - the forbidden years
" " from "Ladies Night" to "Everything's ... Greatest Hits And More" - the 80's
" " from "Sweat" to "Live On Stage" - the sharing years
"Hollywood Swinging - "Gangland" - the reunion years

anything else just label "other".
Please note that this is only to help find the problem faster you don't have to use any of these.

Send all e-mail to the above message board or the address at the bottom of the page.


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