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Knappers Anonymous is an online collection of notes, essays,and images from a wide range of sources -- all concerned with the topic of flintknapping. 

Hey everybody, Hopefully this will be a new year for Knappers Anonymous and i will continually be updating. Since I have taken over I have not taken my role as serious as i should have. I think i have all of the site links fixed but am not sure right now about links to other websites. I will be checking them this week and fix the ones that need fixing. I would appreciate any help in finding dead links. If you want anything posted just let me know. My email is listed on the bottom of this page and on a lot of other pages in the site. Hope you enjoy


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About Flintknapping

What's flintknapping and how do you do it? An introduction to flintknapping and a few words about safety
Prehistory of Flintknapping Flintknapping from its inception to the Upper Paleolithic
Interpreting Stone Tools How did Archaeologists and Anthropologists learn about flintknapping? 
Folklore of Flintknapping Some of the fascinating stories told about stone tools around the world!
Knap-In Wrap-Ups If you are curious about what goes on when Knappers get together, check this out! 
The Gallery.[updated!] Come in and see what other knappers have made
From Beer Bottle to Arrowhead Recycling? A Palaeolithic solution to a 20th Century Problem! 
Special Topics Contributed reports, essays, & querries related to flintknapping and lithic technology

Resources for New and Old Knappers

Tools, Tips, and Techniques This newly expanded section now contains links to pages with hints for new knappers!
Raw Materials Page Info on the rocks flintknappers use, some of their properties and pre-treatment techniques 
Flintknapping Resources Beyond the Internet Info on books, videos, journals, newsletters, commercial flintknapping suppliers, field schools, workshops, instructors and more!
The Trading Post Get your knapping supplies the old fashioned way! 
You've Made Your Point... now what? Look here for ideas on what to do next! (currently has sections on photography, hafting your points, and demonstrating your skills!) 
Upcoming Events Page Knap-Ins and other related events 
Flintknapping Related Mailing Lists Links to info on Mailing Lists which knappers may be interested in.
Clubs and Organizations Looking for other knappers in your area? 
WebRings Hitch a ride on a web ring to more sites about stone tools, archaeology or prehistory!
Links Other sources of Flintknapping info on the Web. This section of the site is being continuously updated.

About Knappers Anonymous

Photo Credits and Contributors Page My woefully outdated attempt to give credit where credit is due. 
Contributing to Knappers Anonymous How you can help build this resource! 
About Knappers Anonymous A brief history of this website.
Awards Awards KA has recieved.


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