Westall UFO Incident - the site of the event.

(Photos taken in early 2006. Copyright (c) 2006 Keith McLean.)

  This is the view from Westall Railway Station, Clayton. Looking either south or SSW.   
  Westall Secondary College, with part of western boundary fence in view on the left.   
  Corner of Brady Avenue and Fairbank Rd.   
  Looking north up Brady Avenue from same corner.   
  Brady Avenue, looking towards school.   
  Looking east along school's south Boundary   
  Electricity pylons within and beyond school grounds, looking north.   
  Pylon in SE corner of school grounds.   
  Pylon in SW corner of school grounds.   
  Another pylon seen continuing the lines along Fairbank Rd.   
  Looking at the dark vegetation in the middle of the picture, we see some of the Grange Reserve trees as seen from corner of Brady Avenue and Fairbank Rd, looking south. The view of the treeline is of course now obscured by housing development which occurred in the period after 1966.   
  Trees near the Grange Reserve entrance, Osborne Avenue.   
  The Grange Reserve entrance. This is a recreation park in 2006, but in 1966 it was undeveloped land or paddocks.   
  Within Grange Reserve, among trees quite near to the entrance.   
  More trees in the northern section of the reserve, looking west.   
  Aircraft seen through the canopy of the same tree area. I noticed during my visit to the "Westall area" (of about an hour and a halfin duration) that light aircraft seemed to be flying low over the area and quite frequently. I saw at least four flying nearby while I was there, and seemingly at low altitude.   



At a future date I may need to look at the southern part of the reserve also, to see if there is anything of interest UFO-wise. 

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