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Klonoa and all related characters (C) Namco. All Rights Reserved. This is a non-profit website and is simply for fun and amusement. 
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08-24-02: Door to Phantomile's script has finally been posted! Banzai to me! A few more characters have been added to the subsite, as well as a few deleted scenes that I moved from this site to that one. As Klonoa would say: Wahoo!
Here, you can find general information about Klonoa and the games in which he leads. From game scripts to a character bios, this is where you will want to go if you are new to Klonoa, this site, or generally just want a small tidbit of information. The Original Klonoa's Dream.
On this end is the fictional site I have made based on and with the stories that I am writing. A small series of books starring Klonoa, you can find fictional characters, images, and the like here. The SubSite to Klonoa's Dream.
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