I've never seen a bootleg of this guy till now.  Colored very similarly to the bootleg Scorponok and it came with all the individual accessories and weapons (except for the weapon stands).  By the way, all of these bootlegs came in a sealed box or a sealed card...that's right, i opened all of them destroying their value but i don't care!! your supposed to transform Transformers!!!!! Another thing i like about bootlegs is the horrendous english on the cards, very funny...i've included several of the descriptions for the seacons..all spelling is as it appears on the card 


Pic from the seller

Bootleg along with the real Kind Poseidon.  Notice how those two silver fins on the chestplate are going in the opposite direction on the bootleg.

Sea Bottom- Complex of Seabottom GG- superposeidon attack on enemy with top-class dynamic and destroying forces having a big sword with extremely great killing forces. (HAHAHAH!!)   

Tuytle Satan- Trans form from GG-Tuytle Satan attack on enemy with turtle-type thunderclaps


Shark Satan- Trans form from GG-shark satan attack on and smash enemy with spiral-type strides  


Hijack Satan- Trans form from GG-hijack satan attack on and smash enemy with clipper-type strikes


Lobster Satan-Trans form from GG-lobster satan attack on enemy with javelin type darts


Dolpin satan- Trans form from GG- doplphin satan attack on and destroy enemy with diving strides


Sepia satan- Trans form from GG- sepia satan attack on and collapse enemy with crazy rammer-type strikes

These figure forms are ugly



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