A very excellent Taiwan copy of Road Caesar..perfect quality plastic and all accessories, all it needs are autobot stickers and it will be hard to tell from a real Takara version.  A very good alternative to those who can't afford or don't want to pay for this item.  


 Picture of the box..pretty nice design huh??  i normally don't waste room with pictures of boxes / cards but this one is really well done..

Ugly, ugly combiner..look at how fat the legs are and how short the arms are...even superion beats out this guy...i bet if this thing was widely available and not so rare everyone would be making fun of it.  BIG FAT THIGHS!!!!

The car forms aren't too nice either...they are big and bricky to make room for the brainmasters....too blocky for my tastes

Bottom right picture shows the compartments that the brainmasters go into.

The three brainmasters and the only "autobot" symbol that came with the whole set.

Some alternate head modes to make the head match the goofy body...



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