Cool fake Gats Blocker from Devvi.  The colors kinda remind me of Decepticons.  This is one of my favorite combiners.  It's made up of 14 seperate vehicles!!! way more than Landcross...The figure also has proportional arms and legs unlike many of the G1 is connected through many intricate holes and pegs.


Box art from the bootleg and my Diakron re-released Gats Blocker

Pictures straight from Devvi's site.  It came packaged as Gats Blocker unlike the one released by Diakron which was packaged as 14 different vehicles.  Devvi's Blocker came with a yellow missile and black "belt" thing that probably didn't belong to this figure ( you can see the missile on top of the purple launcher).

 Behold!! Bootleg figure on the left with five bootleg diaclone men and the actual item on the far right.  The one is the middle is made out of rubber and is transformable.  It was actually released as part of the diaclone line in green, white, and blue.

 All 14 vehicles...lookit how many it takes to make up the guy!!!

 closer pictures so you can see the diaclone men sitting in the vehicles.  The blue rubber one came with figures but they can't bend their feet.  if you look closely you can see them standing in front of vehicles...

 My tribute to!!!!!!!!! Anyone who has been to the page and seen his Gats Blocker knows what I'm talking about...


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