I got 4 bootlegs from the Philippines that were made in China and shipped to the islands a long time ago ( some are more than ten years old!!! )...this Galaxy Shuttle is one of them...things like this is what i love getting,  lets see any owners of a Stepper or Artfire come up with this crazy piece!!!  Sure you can brag about owning a rare Transformer but chances are there are hundreds of other people with the same thing.  On the other hand, only a few of these weird bootlegs might have been made and were problably broken or thrown away.... As you can see, it is the Transformers version of Galaxy Shuttle ( not that Brave series bootleg with the crescent moon on the head and extra figures) with Voltron parts.  Look at the hands and feet..little voltron lions!!! look at the head, crazy colored Volron head....cool!!!!! the green lips look a little scary but thats alright, it reminds me of j-rock singers ( x-japan!!)..

I always though he would be smaller..is the bootleg a larger version or is Galaxy Shuttle really this big??...here he is next to Sky Lynx.

All autobot symbols have been replaced with Voltron ones.

Bootleg or not, this figure is pretty kick-ass.











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