Crazy combiner that probably came from the 80's.  I know nothing about it so if anyone knows anything about it please e-mail looks like it uses the head, feet, fists, main body from Computron, Superion limbs, and an Abominus chestplate.  Look at how huge the Superion jets are!!!! they are as big as a G1 Computron...another cool bootleg!!!!!!!!  This thing is giant!!!!!

High-res pics from the seller...

Just to give an idea of how giant this guy is..his gun is as long as 3 minicars.

comparison with Abominus's chestplate

Big ole giant head..compared with Cliffjumper and other Gestalt heads.

Compared with Computron and Superion.

Just to give an idea of how big the plans are, here's a picture of one next to Starscream





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