Another lucky ebay find! I found a lot on ebay with the Starscream bootleg with all wings and tailfins only after winning a lot with a loose wingless one.  Sometimes silly stuff like this happens.  Fourstar has once again made a remolded masterpiece of a classic G1 character.  Major remolds and color changes were done to the toy ( especially the wings!)

Here's the first lot i own.  amidst all the junk is the bootleg circled in red

Here's the second one i won.  You can see a much more complete bootleg.  Also, you can see the fourstar Shockwave...those g1 cars are not for sale, they have gone to repaints!

Here's a variant of the toy i have from the super toy archive.  White instead of black!!! even bootlegs have variants!

The accessories on top are from the Kingdam Starscream and are similar with other seeker jet accessories.  The bootleg's accessories are on the bottom.  Notice the white fist and white landing gear!!!!!!

Remolds and different stickers for the wings and tailfins..

Here are a couple more major remolds done to the toy..huge feet and a chrome nosecone with remolded red cockpit!!

Here's what you all probably want to see..the actual jet!! You can see the chrome back thrusters in these pics..

His head is a white jetfire head without the the picture i used two gray g2 starscream fists because i only got one white fist with the bootleg...

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