I got this bootleg with my fourstar f-14 jet...unlike the gray radioshack shockwave, which had no remolds and was just a gray version of the Tf version, this shockwave has many remolds...check it out below!

The bootlegs handle has a lightning bolt and positive charge symbols as compared to the more plain Transformers shockwave on the right.  There is also silver missles on the back part of the gun..

The "face" is all colored plastic instead of just a "dot" like on the Transformers shockwave.  The chest has also been remolded

The barrel for the bootleg features more of the electricity theme that's present on the rest of the bootleg...

The barrel used is from my Radioshack Shockwave...the one i got didn't come with a barrel

Here's a picture of the actual barrel contributed by Tmimis...leave it to fourstar to come up with such a nice re-mold

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