Korea has some of the nicest bootlegs around.  Those lucky guys stationed over at the army base in Korea have been going to all the old toy stores and snatching all of the Transformers so they can sell them on Ebay.  Snagged one of these crazy bootlegs.  Besides the cab and one of the guns, everything else was made by the bootleggers...

Box art.  I have to admit that this box art is a lot better than some of the American Box Art.  They drew some of the characters with such weird leg and arm positions ( just look at Optimus Prime's box art..those are some weird ass legs)

High quality pics from the seller.  You can see that this Prime came with a mini-cab and a tiny transforming partner.  This is a copy of the Japanese version of Powermaster Prime. How can i tell?? the cab has "real" windows and the smokestacks are more detailed...much like in the video-game world, the people who got a US Powermaster Prime have a crappier version then what was released in Japan

Even though the pics are blurry you can still tell which cab is better...

Thats what the little race car robot turns into!

More proof that bootlegs and the real item can coexist!!!




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