One of the coolest gestalts, Liokaiser!!!  There's two reasons why Liokaiser is so cool.  First each member of the gestalt team came with a little transforming weapon that tunrs into an animal.  It also served as a chest piece!  Second, because of this gimmick, they were called the breastforce(hahaha)!!! Since each member is so well designed i have sections for each of them below.  All pictures of the real Liokaiser figures used for comparison are from Prime Saber's awesome page.  Also funny names have been given to each of the figures (Actually, "Funeral Lion" sounds kinda cool in a weird sorta way).

-Super Robot Blue Bat( Hellbat )

-Super Robot Wild Ox( Killbison )

-Super Robot Black Leopard( Jaguar )

-Outer Spale Warrior Single Nook Beast( Drillhorn )

-Outer Spale Warrior Funeral Lion( Leozack )

-Outer Spale Warrior An Eaglet( Gaihawk )






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