I was very lucky to obtain this item...ebay is a treasure haven for bootleg hunters with sharp eyes..a lotta people just dig out all the toys in their closet and sell them without doing their research...in this way, you can pick out lots that have bootlegs in them as long as no other collectors find them...here's one such lot that i got very lucky with:

You can see the bootleg circled in the middle surrounded by a bunch of junky Beast wars toys...i think my main competition for this lot came from Beast Wars collectors who wanted the Beast Wars toys....since i got no use for them they will probably go to testing out paint and parts for kitbashes...

Four star, the clever little company, made Kickback from a grasshopper into a Praying Mantis!! awesome!!!!!!

High-res pics form the super toy archive...notice the much cooler head mold..mine has black parts instead of blue..

Mine came missing it's chest so i used a chest from a junker Kickback...bigger than the original..notice the significant changes made to the legs and arms

Like Four Star's Bombshell...it's hard to see that these two used to be the same toy..

Looks way more aggressive and evil than a grasshopper


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