The larger bootleg of this guy is crap..made outta the horribly cheap plastic....not even worth the time to be pictured for my site ( along with that awful Sky Garry bootleg) fact, the crappy bootleg Darkwing i bought has been torn apart for pieces that went to my custom gestalts...strangely, this mini version of Dreadwind is still made out of poor plastic but i like it!!!  maybe by shrinking it, it looks more detailed or something...i don't know why i like it but its here!!

The powermaster enigine slot has been replaced with two holes for the guns...also added are two giant missiles...on the wing and front nosecone you can see the bootleggers crappy re-design of the decepticon symbol...

This guy is small!!!

If anyone has seen the Masterforce series then you will know that Buster and Hydra ( dreadwind and Darkwing) presented a major challenge to Ginrai...If he was this size then he would be no problem....pictured  next to God Ginrai and Prime's the way, i think this series was the best...way better then victory and headmasters...i started watching it with doubts since i hate Pretenders but the story is really really it!!!



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