Very old Taiwanese bootleg of Doubledealer.  This guy is very underrated.  Forget the "autobot spy" Punch/ Counter Punch...this guy is way cooler!!!He is a triple changer that looks awesome in all three forms.  He could change from Decepticon to Autobot!  The head is also very well designed.  I like the new colors the bootleg has but the original is way better.  Go buy one if you don't own it!!! also, if you've seen the Japanese Masterforce series this guy plays a major part in the story and ends up switching sides from decepticon to autobot!!!!

Heres the bootleg Skar and Knok (on top) notice Skar's gold head!! Unfortunately I don't own a real Knok so you can see the differences in color... 

Next to the real Doubledealer...Notice that the stickers are identical!

Here's the screwy modified autobot symbol on the right( that black junk is actaully on it, its not from the camera)..the modified decepticon symbol isn't so bad

Missle carrier mode!

Bird mode!


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