The protectobots released with a red Hotspot! guess the bootleggers felt baby blue wasn't a suitable color for a fire engine...As you can see below, this figure also came in a nice box and, as with most bootlegs, crappy english...Figure was built on a 1 to 1 ratio so even though i don't own the real Defensor i consider my g1 American gestalt collection to be complete..finally got all the gestalts!!! now i gotta get some more diaclones....bootelg came with all accessories and a sticker sheet.

The bootleg version of Defensor!!! notice the blue head!

Red Hotspot...bottom picture is the cat-like autobot symbol...has exact copies of Transformers stickers except for this one symbol.

Blue( instead of red ) Blades...has four propellors instead of two

Streetwise with different stickers..has chinese police markings

First Aid..if you look closely you can see the sticker says "NCE AMBULA" instead of "AMBULANCE"....the Transformer version had an "EMERGENCY" sticker

Groove has Dark blue for all the Black parts and different stickers.




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