Solid colored Bruticus bootleg.  The chinese charecters translate to "space warrior".  I'm chinese but i can't read chinese worth ass so i had Hua translate for me ( thanks hua!)  Cool boxart and very high quality figure.  I've seen the blue Onslaught boxed separately and for sale with all accessories to form Bruticus.  I'm not sure if the other Combaticons were released in this way....The white  Brawl looks good!!!

 not lookin too shabby for a bootleg!  Like the real Bruticus, this one has trouble with the chestpiece..

 The bottom left picture shows a buncha of the weird, screwy replacement symbols for the decepticon symbol

 red swindle!


 Green vortex!

 Blastoff colored kinda like the rare White Astotrain

 My favorite!! white Brawl!


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