Cool little bootleg of Browning.  Once again, Kingdam has faithfully reproduced a rare and expensive Microman figure.  Mine came in a box that copied the Microman Browning box and came with all accessories.  Way smaller than Megatron and would only feel right in a little kid's hand.  However, the fact that it can shoot bullets makes up for this... 

The accessories are the same except Browning's two guns are unchromed.

The box my Browning came in on top.  The microman Browning (M1910) on bottom.  Nice effort in copying the box but the Takara one is way better ( especially with the cool art-work)

Here's the sticker sheet.  The text reads "ROBOGUN KING DAM 05 SEAL"

Browning with Megatron.  In the Japanese Headmaster series Browning was the "pet" of Cancer (Squeezeplay).  Mega, one of Overlord's powermasters, gave Browning to Squeezeplay as a little present and they became good friends.  He was always the "clown" of the series and was not threatening at all. 







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