I have a real bond with this particluar bootleg company cuz they provided me with my first "transformer" type toy..i remember i was a little kid in las vegas and my parents bought me a little blue gambling robot to keep me quiet..it was a four star robot and it was freakin bad ass....it actually worked as a gambling thing and if i got bored with the gambling game i could turn it into a robot!!!  if anyone has this robot for sale please e-mail me, i'd like to buy it for nostalgic purposes, thanks!!!

anyway, Four Star is my most favorite bootleg company ever...most of their bootlegs take original designs and then modify everything about them!!! Just look at this version of Bombshell...it's been turned "backwards" so that the back of the original toy is now the front of the scorpion...the arms, head, chest, etc... have all been changed/re-molded...Takara probably wouldn't mind this bootleg since it's been changed so radically but you can still see some of the basic elements which make it Bombshell...In this very rare case, a bootleg company actually improved upon Takara's design and used more die-cast parts then Takara!!!!  they, unlike most bootleggers, even had the courage to put their copyright on the toys!!!

Side by side its still kinda hard to see that Bombshell inspired the design

I was lucky to score this in such nice condition..you can see two rubber "antennas" that were very easy to break off still intact on my figure

Major changes!!! both of em still have the little compartment for diaclone men...

Better view of the different chest, head, and arms

different legs..close-up!





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