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Bridging the gap

between the sighted and the blind!

My name is Ken Downey, and this is the combined page of DreamtechInteractive and the treehouse. I know it doesn't look like much yet, but be patient--it will--someday--no really it will!

For now, check this out.

there is a program you can download for voice chatting called Teamtalk by clicking here.

Don't worry, the program is absolutely free to use--no demos, no gimmicks. Once the program is installed, you can enter the treehouse voice chat by clicking here to go to the main lounge.

Besides the main lounge, here are other rooms to choose from. They are

And now, for the games...

Here are JAWS script and graphic files for some of the programs I like. Hypersonic graphic and script fileMelodyne files for jaws

Want more Teamtalk channels added? Got an idea for that new game you'd like to see?
E-mail me with these and other suggestions on improving the site at this address.

I hope you enjoy the treehouse. Keep coming back--soon we'll have more games, jokes, and other fun stuff to do--but remember, it takes more than one person to build a good treehouse--so keep coming back, and tell all your friends about this site...

Ken Downey

President of

DreamtechInteractive and The Treehouse!


Blind Comfort!

The Pleasant way to experience massage!

No staring, just caring!

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