Electric Cars
This page looks at an electric car project I worked on between 1990 and 1996 with my good friend Rob Fowler
The photo above shows Rob next to the first AVT100 we built together.
This shot was taken at Whipsnade Wildlife Park,  Dunstable, Bedfordshire on August Bank Holiday 1995.

We had just driven the AVT100 up from Hyde Park, London and had stopped for some lunch. We then drove on to Milton Keynes, a total trip of 62 miles on 1 charge.

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Electric Vehicles are Fun!
Rob now runs the Electric Car Association in the UK whilst his firm AVT stock components and accessories for electric car conversions.
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Rob and I built this simple kart in the Winter of 1990 just as we were starting the electric car project. It was built to investigate direct drive to the front wheels and as a half size model of the real thing. More to the point, it was fun to ride and got us motivated in the main project.
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