Eyre Peninsula South Australia


So you are still interested?.

Okay here are links to two club documents:

Information Sheet
Application Form

If you haven't been given either to look at, do it now.

Click on them to access them. The files are in .pdf format. You will need Adobe Acrobat reader. Print them if you wish (make sure that you set your page to A4 in "Page Setup"). Use the "Back" button to return to here from each document.

If you can't print them, use the email link on the Home Page to send me an email and I will email you the documents. Let me know your preferred format .wpd or .doc.

Once you have read them you will probably think that the whole process seems mindlessly beaurecratic, but it was a system dreamed up by politicians and beaurecrats. Enough said.

Once you have lodged your application the whole process will take at least six (6) months to complete before you are at the stage where you are able to buy your first pistol. So don't go running around and slap a deposit on the first pistol you see. Remember just because you've seen it in the movies doesn't really mean they work that way. And your ideas between now and then will change.

OK!, go to it. See you on the range!.


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