Eyre Peninsula South Australia


Karkoo is about 30 Km North of Cummins on the Todd Highway situated on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. The club is about 5 Km further north opposite where the old Coomaba ralway siding was. Karkoo doesn't feature on some road maps because it is so small. Karkoo is the name of the nearby railway siding. In its heyday it had a store and a post office. Both long gone. These days there is the local Primary School, about 4 houses and a population of about 10. However the area still supports a local football and a netball team a very strong tennis club and a cricket club, and when they have a local dance they can still pack the Karkoo hall. It is a bit hard to find (first time), don't blink or you will miss it!..

It's not so bad really, there is a place over on the west coast of the peninsusla called "Nowhere Else", that is even harder to find. Mainly because the tourists who come through keep knocking off the bloody road sign for a souvenier. There must be "Nowhere Else" signs hung up behind bars and in trophy rooms all over Australia. The local council has given up replacing the signs.

Port Lincoln which is the largest city on the southern part of Eyre Peninsula is a little over 100 Km to the south.

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I will get around to putting a Map here before too much longer.

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