Yuichi Kuda

       Master Kuda began his karate training with his father at a young age. He also learned the art of Bo-jitsu from his father. When Master Kuda turned ten years old he began instruction in Kendo. Master Kuda studied Okinawan Kenpo under Shigeru Nakamura. Upon Master Nakamuraís death in 1970, Master Kuda began his training under Grandmaster Hohan Soken. Under Master Soken, Kuda learned the system of Matsumura Seito Shorin-Ryu. Master Kuda was promoted to 7th dan under Master Soken, before Master Soken passed away. Master Kuda has created numerous Karate and Kobudo kata from his studies. He has created a series of five kata called Niseide, which emphasized many kicking techniques including a spinning back kick. Master Kuda also created Kuda No Bo Shodan/Nidan, Kuda Kama Nidan, Kuda Sai Sho, and Kuda Tonfa Sho, just to name a few. Master Kuda has also been given credit as being Master Sokenís successor. He has founded the Matsumura Kenpo Shorin Ryu style, of which he is was the Grandmaster. He also started the Matsumura Kenpo Shorin Ryu Karate Kobudo Association, which he presided as president of until his death.


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