New Personal Equipment

Under Construction

Areas of Development:

Computers Robotics
Weapons Medical
Defensive Communications

Robotics Development

 Robotic Recharge Terminals - This new device was developed for mission that the personnel of the ship might not be able to recharge the robots. With some modification to a standard recharge apparatus and the computer and robot programs the robot can do this itself.

Computer Development

Direct Computer Uplink Plugs - this gives a person with a C.A.S. access with a hard link. (A cable connections)


Medical Development

Bio-Beds - This is a device that acts in the same manner as an advanced Medscanner. Not only will the person on the bed have a diagnosis but also the doctor can visually see all the vital stats of the patients.


Weapon Development

Gyro Gun - This a type of heavy weapon the act like a Machine Gun. The ammo for the weapon is a Gyrojet rocket instead of a bullet. The damage for the weapon is 20d10 burst (2d10x5 single shots). The range for the weapon is the same as the Pistol version. Each of the ammo belts has 10 bust rounds of 5 shells each. There is a setting for the weapon so that it can only be fired as a single shot weapon. It then can only be fire 1 shot per turn for 50 shots per belt.


Communications Development


Defensive Development

Other Fields of Development

Holographic Fireplace - For the captain's pleasure this device is used to project a real to life image of a fire burning. Located behind the machine, is a heater with a blower motor that simulates the heat given off.




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