New Spaceship Equipment

Under Construction

Areas of Development:

Programs Communications
Weapons Propulsion
Defensive Launch Systems

Launch Systems

Rotary Probe Launchers - This is a special design that saves space. They carry standard probes, when launched the machine rotates to the next available probe, making it ready for launch. The probes are magnetically attached to the rotor. The polarity of the magnet is reversed to move the probe away from the ship. The probes are already protected from the magnetic fields, so none of the electronics inside can be damaged. 


Combat Tactics - this program is used to aid in shooting at targets. The program takes the heading, speed and ranges for all the ship involved in the combat arena and figures out the proper course changes and target setting for the best shots. The program will add a +10% (+1 column shift) to the chance of hitting the target. The program will take one turn to lock on the target. The bonus is only for the ships that are locked in. It is implied weather or not a character is firing the shit or the computer is. The program can track up to two ships per level of the program. The function points for the program are 12 per level.

Probe Launch Telemetry - This program aids in guiding the probe to their target. The program incorporates a Direct Link Subspace Radio Link. The program concisely updates the heading and speed of the probe so that it will make it to the target area. After the probe reaches the target the probe itself will then take over and perform as normal. The cost of the program must include the expansion of the Direct Link to each of the probes for 5000cr each. The function points for the program are 4 per level.

Combat Analysis - This program is a combination of Information Storage and an Analysis program in one. The program record very shot make at a target and a the ship itself. This information is stored for farther examination after the battle. The analysis portion of the program calculates the proper action for the occasion. The program also work on real time. Meaning that the program can aid in a present battle. The program takes two turn to analyze the situation and suggest the proper course of action, adding another 10% (+1 CS) in addition of the Combat Tactics program. This is only possible very three turns. The function points for this program is 15 per level.



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