:) Here's where my new and old bases will be placed until I can get my own domain!
Feel free to either link back here or to my deviant art page where you can currently view my newest works!!

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UPDATE-November 6, 08' All portrait bases redone.

UPDATE-October 17, 08' New portrait base. Name: Megan

UPDATE-July 2, 08' New base added. Name: Nemo

UPDATE-August 23, 07' New base set. Name: Rose

BASES : Sets

NEMO ROSE Newer version-Rue07 Old version-Rue
Luna LemonV Snow Drop
Manderin Set1 Manderin Set 2 Manderin Alt heads
BASES : Misc

Spaci Queen Bee Tonton Kisu

BASES : Collab

Done with my wonderful sister Utena

A remake my sister Lorelei did of my first base. <3

BASES : Potrait

NEW Megan Megan Lolita NEW

BASES : Junk

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