Owing to the sheer distance involved in commuting to work, I then had the Suzuki  Burgman AN400 which was fitted with an aftermarket exhaust and cruised all day, at the legal speed in my country.
"My Chariots"
                                                                                                                                           This is the Benelli Adiva 125, and it is the first "chariot" I have ever had, as it comes with a folding roof, which stows away in the large boot on the back. The best thing about it is, it was given to me by the Lord.
Who, I hear u say, God himself supplied this magnificent machine in 2005!.
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      I am already looking forward to the next one He has for me.
Its the Piaggio X9 500 Evolution, with a top speed of 98 mph (which is useful in parts of Europe) I took it over to Europe for a week after my agency contract ended. It was fitted with a rack, Givi large top box, with fitted stop lights,  back pad + sat nav.
Well I took it over to France in 2006, it was fabulous, it behaved well, its fast with tremendous acceleration, very comfortable, smooth and it just purrs along. its an excellent touring bike, will "cruise "at 70mph all day with two up. I am going to miss it when I get the next bike or when I finally "convert" to a car. Ah well! at least I can enjoy it for now!

   Well thanks to the Lord, He then supplied me with the following: in 2006

Well have seen my ideal bike and its amazing, just when I think  I have seen everything: I see something even more amazing!  What is it then: Its the Suzuki Burgman 650, this machine is like a rocket on 2 wheels, so smooth, fast comfortable. its starts off like a pussycat (just quietly purring, then it turns in a roaring lion, when you open it up, growl! Its very stable especially at low speeds, its rock steady in slow moving traffic, when u take it on the highway, it will hit 100 easily, cruising at 70 is effortless, whoosh: there it goes. All this was experienced on a test ride, I took in 2007..
Ok, so u found it, this was an idea I was playing with a few years ago when I had the Adiva, yeh u got it, its a Burgy with a roof design, kinda neat, huh, maybe one day, u never know.....
I was looking forward to getting one, however since then, my Piaggio x9 500  was involved in a small collision and is now written off. So I am deciding whether to finally go in for my car test and get  either an MPV or a large estate.
Until then I got a Suzuki AN250 Burgman,  in beige with a small top box, its quite powerful and will pull  70mph with 2 up.
As this is a AN250 model the passenger footrests are smaller than the AN400,  I had to add larger fold up ones to give a larger footprint. Using scrap pieces of mdf and wood fixed with piano hinges, and mounted using the existing holes on the plastic floor board,  they will be finished off with some non slip rubber material.
Using the back of an old office chair I made a suitable back rest for the wife, this was mounted using the existing backrest from the bike and drilling 2 holes to fix it on.
Well I have finally achieved it,  I passed my car test earlier this year,  now I gotta wait for a car,  which God will supply!.
I cant wait!
                  Lord you have done it again, more than I could ask, think or                   dare to believe:  This my new car!
                  Praise God!!

The bike was sold so I could get the car and what a car! Its a Ford Mondeo estate LX 16 valve automatic. I passed my test first time in a manual, and decided to go for an automatic. bought some trims for it and had two front tires  fitted, due for a service soon, should be ok.

WelI  I had the car for just under 3 yrs, it was brilliant, apart from the usual wear and  tear and replacements, it was marvellous, ran in all weathers, it was a logistics vehicle, a people carrier, a leisure vehicle and a taxi! 

Then I had to scrap it in 2012, due to sill rust.   

I was already thinking about my next "chariot".So not long after,  I was able to get a Kia Sedona 2.9 diesel automatic 7 seater in Platinum Gold. It;s very comfortable, spacious with plenty of room, its even gotta Dvd player!                               So I am now able carry more people and a more goods, an help others even more!                                                           You can take the rear seatsout and u have gotta van. I have had this vehicle at time writing for over 7 yrs.                          I have helped people to move, taken them to airport, seminars and also used it as work vehicle an much more....... 

After 7 years, I decided it was time to customise it, so I  replaced some of the internal panels, including the front grill.


Well, finally it's time to say goodbye to my amazing Sedona. It lasted nearly 8 years, then in March 2020 it finally failed, when the gear box went.                                                                                                                                                     However there's always a silver lining  (or in this case a blessing in disguise).                                                                 With a new budget, I'm looking for a replacement and I found it!                                                                                                So I got this in August. Its my latest an best chariot.

Its a Chrysler Grand Voyager 2.8 CRD on a private plate.