Drum Bits  
  Hi, my name is Paul E and I am a drummer.
When I started playing drums I found it difficult to get started. as I  received very little encouragement which made me all the more determined to succeed.
  I have played in many groups and I've been involved in touring,  residencies and session work using a variety of both accoustic and electric kits.  
  My portable kit was  a YAMAHA DD12 drum pad machine,which I used with an ALESIS SR-16 drum machine and when it was  put it through a PA it was phenomenal.  I used the set-up when I was invited to HOLLAND (Amsterdam) for Queen Julienne's birthday celebrations. The whole city was closed to traffic and we had a captive audience,  we joined part of a Victory Outreach a gospel group and played live before a group of people,  this led to us being invited to America (in 93) for two weeks, to tour prisons and parks, recording our music written by our Anglo-American gospel group. I had an amazing time out there and would have liked to have gone back there some time.  
  I have played for March for Jesus, in local churches playing praise and worship music and been involved in various evangelism outreach venture also tent missionsI thank the Lord for giving me so many wonderful  opportunities.  

I am part of a Praise and Worship group in my local church, including being a depping drummer for a seaside based P/W band.


  I use a Medeli DD309 for small venues and a Millenium DD-502 full size electro kit for larger venues.  
  God Bless and thanks for joining me.  
  Please send email to me

[email protected]
  I welcome all correspondance