My Early bikes
Here are a collection of my early  bikes
This was my very first bike.

The Honda SS-50 5 speed single
A car driver decided to open their door as I was riding along, I did an up-an-over and landed on the bonnet.
As the chassis was pressed steel, it was written off!
I then had my first car, a 1965 Lotus Ford Cortina Mk1, this came with a duff engine, so after the mechanic put another duff engine in!
I  scrapped it and put a deposit on a bike. It was to be 34 yrs before I had a car again
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Then came the Suzuki TS-250, a fantastic touring machine,  which I went to Scotland and back on.  After losing the 5th gear I put in to a garage run by a con man and he absconded with the bike, leaving me to carry on paying it off.
He eventually ended up in jail for other offences!
After a break of 7 yrs or so  I bought a Honda 500 single
This was my last bike until 2005 when I started again.