The Suicide of R. Budd Dwyer
(A.K.A. the "Hey Man, Nice Shot" guy)
R. Budd Dwyer was the state treasurer for Pennsylvania. He was found guilty on charges of bribery, conspiracy, fraud, and racketeering. On the day before his sentancing, Dwyer held a press conferrence at the state capital. Dwyer made a speech that condemned the american justice system for political persecution. At the end of the speech, he called certain people forward, and handed them sealed manilla envelopes and gave them brief, softly-spoken instructions. One enevelope contained a note to his wife, Joanne.
Dwyer returned to the podium and opened a manilla envelope, which contained a .357 Magnum. The crowd erupted into panic, and shouts of "No, Budd! No!". Dwyer said to the crowd "Please leave the room if this will... if this will offend you." The crowd continued pleading with him. As people approached him Budd warned them "No, no, don't, don't, don't... this will hurt someone". He then stuck the barrel into his mouth and pulled the trigger, sending a bullet through the top of his dead, and then slid to the floor with blood spraying from his nose and mouth. Amidst all the commotion, Dwyer's aide Duke then walked to the podium and spoke; "All right... settle down. Don't panic, please... don't panic... don't panic. Someone call... someone call the ambulance and a doctor and the police... don't panic, please... show a little decorum, please... dear god in heaven... all right... all right..."
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