JAUP Membership Roster Page 9 !

05/2019 - 12/2020

Scifirenegade's Trash Can... Check out the Doctor Who section!
MOUSE on the www ... Mouse's humble abode. Check out the buttons and blinkies!
Cat cat Productions... Cat cat movies, news, info, stills, posters, and gifs
Downtime Video... the biggest movie selection in town!
Angelic Sanctum... Art, graphics, photography and other things.
hoylezone... Lots of stuff here!
Exciting Breeding Journal... Gundham's records and research on Syrian hamsters
The web site of coolreece... the Homepage of Reece Waithe.
Lurk-N-Leech... visual projects, resources, collections, and more!
the iris multiverse... a transmedia love story across multiple universes.
Obspogon's Zone... Big gamer who wants to learn to make games, or do art.
things;... natty's corner
Incertae Sedis... A weblog of music, doodles, and photos. The FAQ page is my favorite.
Voltron Forever... A new old school Voltron fan page!
Spilt Milk At the Grocery Store... Naomi's MySpace page
Riri's Enclave... Lovingly written on notepad!
The Haxrelm... Transmission from the next dimension!
Cadnomori... The humble little burrow of Fox
Key's Klubhouse... A nostalgia trip of old-school web design
Metaparadox - Darklight, Paradoxically Bright... Olivia Montoya's personal website
Tang's Funhouse... Tang bought a pizza!
daecin's $hi++y web corner... daecin's little corner of the web
Cody's Site... Welcome to my humble home on the web.

El Cyber $pace... The Home Page of Mats Dyremyhr Bakke
Polophylax... Polophylax's collection of thoughts
PineBox - The public access unix system... A community based around Unix
CRANKNET - LOOSE YOUR MIND... Welcome to my own personal Hell
Hot Sauce Reviews... Mrs. Giggles reviews of books, comics, films, games, and more!
CastleGrave... A personal website featuring the articles and art of a quaran-teen
ita... A lolita's bedroom
exo.pet... You have to see this button collection!
STRIPPERSPIT... Lots of collections: Beanie Babies, Pillow Pets, music videos, and more
Coolest Web Server!... The coolest web server on the net!
It's Pete O'Clock... Enter the Pete Experience
websitering... A cool site that lists old websites & Bible Verses

Nightmare Fantasmic... Anime graphics and more from the years of 2003-2005
wac... Welcome to wac experience!
Great Grand Garbage Dump... chaos, insanity, and cats new garbage
every day! usually!
The official website of the US Goverment... Proudly retro, proudly Neocities!
AC1D1CDARKNESSD0LL... Pandora's awesomely epic wesbite!!!
ideas aggregate... Onwards glacially becuz I can't go any faster
EthanF44's Web Page... Stuff n' Things, including a new search tool.
Neonauticon... A personal site for project notes and blogging.
zaf's culthouse... It's brand new, so it's pretty bare at the moment.
Theodore Online... Theodore H's corner of the Internet
Whole Lotta Betsy... Betsy's site featuring graphics. printables, funnies and more!
Website of Tinypaws... Website of Pixie, a white and black long coat chihuahua.
Angel of Wrath... The personal webpage of a depressed soul who still has the ability to be
Website of Mindfree... Fun, photos and games. 1997 style!
Hearted... Theres a lot to see, so go looking!
*UCK HEIHACHI... Heihachi Mishima hatred page. (Warning! Bad language! Warning!)
Chill85s NeoCities Homepage!... Chris's homepage is a visual trip into the past.
The George The Animal Steele Fan Page!... Exactly what it says on the tin!
Eggramen... Nonsense, amateur CSS, weird fandom stuff.
Jeff Corgan... Jeff's Space on the Internet.
Hard Candy... This page is not intended to be useful.
~chaeylieghcomputer the website~... chaeyliegh coming 2 u via the world wide web
The Rabbit Hole... This isn't called a "rabbit hole" for any reason!
Games And More!... A blog about games. Includes original JavaScript and WEBGL games
mace486... mace486's collection of terrible games, music, and software
popkillweb... Come see Zaf's personal hand-coded website!
Neonriser... A NeoCities home page featuring the interests and dream journal of Neonriser!
Hat's Site... This site gives off the geocities vibe in the late 90s
J's Cyberspaceport... Jaron's portal to the Internet
The VIP Boss Hideout... Buttons, free stuff and a blog of interesting articals!
Bluef00t... Owen B's website featuring his art, interests, and creations!
Eyes on the lens... Thoughts of a confused man
Project X-tream... Project X-treme is a Crossover series, center between Dimension
and Reality world.
Joppiesaus... Information overload! You'll spend days here!
encounters-ltd... there's something out there
2Bit... A website about 2bit stuff.
JeremyRedhead... The Home Site of JeremyRedhead
GeoUniversal... everywhere is .:. space
This Old Recliner... He Sat In An Old Recliner
THE DIRECTORY... A comedic ride into old outdated homepages and websites
on free servers!
RunAwayFiveTV... Come chat and watch a Twitch podcast!
R.V.Klein... artist/designer/programmer, maker of things!
Snake's Saloon... Just a little slice of web heaven.
AtomSplitter... Alexander Garcia's personal site.
Kyle Delaney... Programmer, tinkerer, and occasional cook.
MerlinXP's webpage... Tons of content here, blog, computer & tech, cartoons and so on.
wicked sick meme zone... a music list, software downloads, and a bunch of other stuff
in crusty web 1.0!
~*+K1TT3HZ SUP3R 3TH1CAL R3AL1TY [email protected]!!!+*~... The personal page of
Modern XP... Welcome to Modern XP - the modern eXPerience
where reality ceases to be a limitation.
The Raised Eyebrow... The home page of David Richardson. Come see the magic trick!
The Official Website of Soapstone... Website of luv and junk.
Robert Buchanan... The personal web page of one Robert Buchanan!
Yep That's Me... The little lair of aolteen.
2 cool 4 FP... A listing of sites too cool to be featured on the frontpage of NeoCities
spacemako... the web home of Ms. spacemako
down at fragglerock!... A fan site for iconic 80s tv show Fraggle Rock!
shishka... a collection of stuff and things from the web archive.
Cat Therapy - A Place To Relax... A nice relaxing place to see a slideshow of cats!
hhgregg cult... Welcome to my fantasy. Blinkys, movie reviews, & more
Yudo's Abode... the place 2 chill
Internetbee... Just a Bee on the Web!
Locked in the Stars... Faraway Mysteries, Art Commissions, Dreams, Music, X-files & more
Starshine's Pages... Technology, Software, Web Development, Video Games, Lego and
90s/2000s Nostalgia
Oh-no... It's like an insane puzzle. There is no description, this one must be experienced!
Spirited Beginning... Mamo's Website featuring art, comics, anime & book reviews
M4G3'S LAIR... Come see Glitch's art and graphic designs!
hhtt... Maybe something created here while on this quest for sincerity will make you
happy too.
Matt Antonellis' Ye Olde Home Page... Lots of Adventure Games!
Rowan's Blog... Exactly as it says on the tin... Rowan blogs about Rowan!
Kyle Drake... Startups, Cyber Culture, Digital Archiving, the Distributed Web
Invisibleup... Viz's retro-tech site.
Armani... Armani's hoarding hole for shitposting along with many other things.
September City... The art and poetry of Rin September.
Lair of the Lizard Ghost... Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair.
Punchy... This is Mia's stomping grounds!
Antillion... Want to use a virtual machine to run Windows 95? Play Doom95? Here is where
you need to go!
Future Perfect... The past is just a story we tell ourselves
Raining-Starss... Aimee's Virtual Playground
Up All Night... You'll be up all night exploring this hub for weird media from
the 80s, 90s and early 2000s
Netwurld... The web site of parasitedreams.
Openbooks... Where would you like to go today?
Wastebin... Wastebitch. Wastebin is a bitch
The Rose Garden... I am having lizard thoughts
Nekojiru... Nutritional? Nope. Delicious? Yup. Overall bad for your health and will
likely kill you? Hell yeah Baby! It's NekoJiru!
It's William Leonad... William does many differnet things of which there are links
to on his site!
Disposableteen... Welcome to the thoughts of Disposableteen. Enter at your own risk.
Censorship has no place here.
SCRANTON TRIBUNE ON THE WEB... Scranton's very own home town newspaper!
Rivendell... Naru's Elvish website. Very deep!
_eyelessoracle... hello. welcome to my domain. enjoy whatever mess i put on here. :-)
Jackomix... Welcome to jackomix, my place in the universe known as the internet.
Alice in Avocado Land... Avocados Rule! This is Avocado Land
Madville... Feel free to roam around this wild landscape of old interwebs
Googol... You have to see this for yourself... it can't be explained!
machine_cat.exe... You've entered a secret zone.
Devils... Turn the light on and take peek in this computer!
Fennergy... Lily like kitties and frogs! And plays the piano and guitar!
Cinni's Dream Home... Lots of cool stuff on this site!
macchiato... macchiato's personal website, made for fun
Keasbey Nights... hi. this is a website. i made it with my hands.
html-sites... Here is a simple web page maker for you!
personally-comfy... Lots of cool Flash and io games here!
Manuzynha... Your cool if you go to Manuela's site!
Meow...Meow is very weird and likes cats and taking pictures on the phone.
Leather Leaves... A bunch of strange projects. I only have neopets level HTML skills.
Nostalgia for the 2000s... Do you miss the early 00s approach to websites?
                                                   Then you've come to the right place.
GrossGirl94... V's website featuring her art and 'zines
Soups...Welcome to soups! A space with art, characters, and comics.
Sad Party Queen... Not a party queen, not even a dancing queen. A lonely queen.
Burst Into Treats...If you like driving and racing related video games,
                                                                    this is the page to visit!
Sugerywaste...Logan's rundown corner of cyberspace
therealman's Home Page...Welcome the the page of Warren, AKA "therealman"
Thee Psychic Enema...A sudden, cleansing explosion of kahrmic build-up from within the
                                              psyche, and the resulting residues and recepticals thereof.
Luna Lisa... Greatest website you never heard of!
Leanne... Here are some cool articles and links!
Miki's Otome Oasis...Miki's site about otome games
The 1998 Global Index...You can get lost on this very interesting site!
.EXE...Lover of teeth and old web nostagia!
My Online Pity Party...This site is a '90s tribute jam!
Suzanne's Escape From YTMND...Suzanne quit YTMND for NeoCities!
CD5K...What you need, when you need it.
A. N. Lucas's Web Lounge...Kick back, and relax for a while
Night City...You can find us on the night side...

Misty's World...Misty's very own, hand coded home page!
R X Q U E E N...She dreams in digital
Dannarchy...His name is Dann and he's throwing out all the rules!
Thought Crimes...This is my website and I can post whatever I want
Arkm's World...You have to check this site out!
Trash Paradise...VenusFlyTrash shares their thoughts and interests
voov... Pavona Voov's Junk Drawer
Battyville...Now this is one batty place!
ChainsawED...Come check out all the cool art on this page!
Castle Cyberskull...Welcome to the Coolest cyber castle on the net!
lolwut?..."The Internet is Serious Business!"
Bill's World Wide Boutique...Bill is here and this is what he has to say.
Weird Fantastic Toy Adventures...A journal chronicling my geeky activities: including toys,
                                                      cartoons, comics, movies, TV shows, pop Culture, and
                                                      70s & 80s nostalgia.