A Resource Site for AS/400 Education

This site is dedicated to seeking out and presenting the best available free on-line AS/400 educational and technical resources.  

Starting Points

Here are some fantastic starting places for beginners.  

The Minnesota State University Introductory Reference to the IBM AS/400 is a great starting point for beginners - it discusses objects and libraries, PDM., DDS, SDA, CL Commands, SEU, Compiling, Object Authorities, and Printing.   A bit site-specific and somewhat dated, but still a great resource especially for a quick hands on start.   ROI Company has a similar Introductory Reference

Some Basic AS/400 programming skills, tips and a useful tutorial from David Mount at Texas400.com (TexAS400 Computer Consulting)

Frequently Asked Questions about the IBM AS/400 FAQ version 2.00 by Vincent Greene (1995).  A bit out of date but still addresses many common questions.  More FAQs from Midrange.com

General References

Every IBM AS/400 Reference Manual on-line!   This is an amazing resource which IBM is continually updating.  Manuals can also be downloaded for faster access.

IBM Red Books on line.  This is another great resource courtesy of IBM!  A ton of miscellaneous technical material, including the funky title Who Knew You Could Do That with RPG IV? A Sorcerer's Guide to System Access and More.

Work Management

An essay on AS/400 Work Management and more...

An IBM Manual on Data Management.

Web Resources

Web Builder's Workshop from IBM on creating a web presence on the AS/400

From IBM Italy - Easy400 -an open source site that enables RPG and COBOL programmers to develop full-functional e-business solutions using IBM CGIDEV2 HTTP API's. Another CGIDEV2 based site

On-Line Magazines

iSeries-User published monthly for "enthusiasts by enthusiasts"

iSeries Network.com is a good site, but has added an annoying registration.

Midrange Computer OnLine www.mcpressonline.com

Programming RPG and CL

Bob Cozzi's RPGIV FAQ from the RPG Developer Network. 

From Midware Services, a series of Articles on RPG IV with emphasis on ILE concepts.

Bryan Meyers' essay The Essential RPG IV Style Guide from the AS400 Network.  

Gary Guthrie's  essay The Essential CL Style Guide from the AS400 Network.

Dan Riehl on Safely and Reliably Passing CL Parameters.

Code & Sample Programs

A great way to learn any programming language is to study other people's programs and code. Here are some sites with AS/400 code samples and downloads. 

Note: as with any software that is untested and from unknown sources, please proceed with caution.  Authors provide code 'as-is' with no warranty and no responsibility is accepted due to the use of the code. Some useful templates from Texas400.

Ann & Herb's Web Page with some interesting downloads

Thomas Raddatz' Peek/400 homepage (in German and English) promoting his Peek/400 and some AS/400 freeware

Craig Rutledge's AS/400 Command Downloads

Some more tools from BVS/Tools.com

Programming tips, utilities and more from Thomas Bishop at as400pro.com

Booth Martin's RPG code samples including  Subfiles, FTP, date & string routines.

Wyatt ERP and the OpenSource/400 project.  Read all about it! see some code! try it out!

DataBase Generation and other utilities from dbg400.net.

Great  API samples from  Tom Liotta's sharea and AS/400 Times

Shareware from the Nickel and Dime Store 

Security, Backup/Recovery

AS/400 Security Audit Document Samples (PDF format) from www.amir-jordan.org and Auditnet.org (.DOC format)

Vincent Leveque has posted an extensive reference of articles and presentations on AS/400 security and related subjects.

Search Engines

Try looking up specific topic such as WRKACTJOB in google.com Google Groups or Alta Vista You may be surprised at the volume of topic or command specific information that is lurking out there.  

An index of Midrange.com Mailing List  Archives

Midrange.com A dedicated AS/400 search engine.

Client Server

Visual Basic and the AS/400, the Redbook from IBM

User Groups

The user Groups are great for conferences and heavily discounted training classes. However I really have not found many user groups with useful on-line references. Even our beloved COMMON has little on-line of any use. If you can prove me wrong, please let me know. Anyway, here is the AS/400 Journal's big list of user groups

Some Commercial References Worth Mentioning

MC Press AS/400 titles Amazon.com's AS/400 Bookshelf

eServer Magazine - (formerly  AS/400 Magazine, formerly iServer Magazine) 

More Educational Resources at Search400.com 

The Rochester Initiative  (Hands-on training, books and productivity tools for the iSeries-AS/400).  Note some interesting articles by Craig Pelkie and Richard Shaler from the box at the left side.


OK, What next?

OK, now you know everything about the AS/400 so get out there and practice. No box to practice on?   Timeshare an AS/400 for a monthly fee at www.NETSHARE400.com Note that this whole site is run on an AS/400!

IBM Manuals V5R2

RPG Manual V5R2

IBM Red Books

AS/400 News Group


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