Fair of Stonehall

The Fourteenth of May the fair day of Stonehall,
The lads from the Line* flock there one and all;
Billy Fitz and John Costello, Tom Rourke and Den Brien,
Were some of the gang that went there frome the Line.
The fair it was held in Mike Nash's fair green,
A mile to the west of John Drury's boreen;
The farmers around there, the large and the small,
Brought their lambs and their rams to the fair of Stonehall.
When the business was over the fun then began,
With the "Trick of the Loop" man called Thady Feann;
And the sly timble-rigger had things pretty fine,
But they could't compete with the lads from the Line.
Farewell to old Ireland, the land of my birth
'Tis the dearest, the fairest, the loveliest on earth.
Here's a health to Kildimo, that old home of mine,
And may God bless and keep the lads from the Line.
(Written by Denis O'Brien of Kildimo, Co. Limerick, who enigrated, and died in New York about 1950)
Transcribed from 'Kenny - The story of a barony in County Limerick' by 'Corrbui


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