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Successfully Selling Jamu, This Woman Reaches Tens of Million Turnover

With personal experience capital, a woman from Malang succeeded in becoming a successful seller Herb. The heartburn he had suffered for 10 years has now become a way to open up his sustenance.

Mutiara or familiarly called Muti never thought she could become a herbal medicine entrepreneur. Initially he only tried alternative herbal treatments by consuming the love potion ala dr. Zaidul Akbar.

Muti, who has been suffering from acute stomach ulcers for 10 years, is gradually recovering. From this experience he finally tried to share his story through social media. Until finally many people wanted to make herbal medicine by him.



It turns out that this is the beginning of the herbal medicine business, whose turnover is now no joke. Now, every month Muti can pocket a turnover of tens to tens of millions of rupiah. The twists and turns of the journey to sell herbal medicine were revealed directly when talking with detikcom.

Like what is the story of Muti, who had stomach ulcers for 10 years until she finally recovered and became a herbal medicine entrepreneur.

1. Heartburn for 10 years

10 Years of Ulcer Disease, This Woman Healed After Drinking 'Love Potions10 years of stomach ulcers, this woman healed after drinking ‘love potion’ Photo: tiktok @mutiaraprizatiga

Indigestion is not a disease that can be underestimated. Pain in the stomach can cause various complications of other diseases. Muti experienced firsthand how tormented she was when stomach acid suddenly increased and disturbed her activities.

For 10 years, this mother of one child had to endure pain when an ulcer struck. “The pain was really bad, until I got into the car I felt nauseous. Just driving, not the others,” said Muti to detikcom.

Through her tiktok account, Muti’s story as a heartburn fighter was also viral. Muti often shows documentation when she is undergoing treatment in various hospitals and alternative medicine. All to no avail, because the drugs consumed can only relieve pain during relapses.

Sumber : https://food.detik.com/info-kuliner/d-5374254/sukses-jualan-jamu-wanita-ini-raup-omset-hingga-puluhan-juta




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