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The word "Connetquot" is an Algonquian Indian word meaning" at the long river."
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News & Announcements

Next Meeting Wednesday September 9th 7:30pm

09.03.2009 Gil Bergen's tour of Connetquot River State Park Reserve & some of its historical significance.

09.03.2009 WSHU podcast Closed Islip fish hatchery gets local support

08.23.2009 Newsday Advocates want state funds for Connetquot hatchery

08.20.2009 Long Island Press Citizens Fight For Connetquot Park

08.17.2009 Victim of Nature and Dysfunctional Government View PDF

08.08.2009 Town of Islip Supervisor Phil Nolan held a press conference on
August 18th at 11:00 at the Connetquot State Park Preserve Hatchery
Read Phil Nolan's letter, requesting your attendance.

08.02.2009 Newsday
Connetquot River fish get checkup from DEC

07.21.2009 Newsday video Electrofishing in the Connetquot river

07.10.2009 Friends of Connetquot IPN and Hatchery News webpage

12.21.2008 Fly Fishing Show Somerset, NJ January 23, 24, 25

10.15.2008 NY Outdoors Connetquot hatchery closed amid ongoing virus concerns

10.12.2008 NY Times Virus to Force Closing of Historic Hatchery

10.09.2008 ATTN: Boy Scout Merit Badge CANCELLED

09.16.2008 Newsday Connetquot fish hatchery to close for 5 years.

06.16.2008 Two scientists think they may have discovered a better way to restore
damaged waterways. Follow the Silt Watch Video

10.12.2007 Newsday With much to do, still time for fly fishing

10.09.2007 WSJ Where Big Fish Caught Trout

10.09.2007 WSJ "Mint is an important part of the drink," Mr. Bergen says (Snedecor's Tavern)

03.23.1896 Vintage news Brooklyn Eagle - Trout Season Begins

04.11.1977 Sports Illustrated A Tiny River Full Of Trout Runs Close By Manhattan's

03.20.2007 Newsday It's bye-bye to baby trout

03.19.2007 Newsday State to kill 150K infected baby trout

02.9.2007 Virus infects trout at park BY BILL BLEYER / Newsday Staff Writer A virus has been found in trout at the Connetquot River State Park Preserve hatchery


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