Portable Cabbage Converter

Do you sometimes suddenly have the urge to be a cabbage right then and there, only you're nowhere near a computer with internet access?

Or, have you ever thought "I really wish I wasn't a cabbage right now!" when you see a mob of hungry looking vegetarians coming around the corner?

Well, fret no more!

Simply print out the portable cabbage converter below, fold horizontally across the middle and whenever you have the urge to convert or anti convert, just press the appropriate touch-sensitive button.

Portable Cabbage Converter

Just think of the advantages! You're wandering down the road one day in human form when a ferocious looking dog runs up and starts chewing on your arm. Just get out the trusty portable converter and PING! The dog stares confusedly at a cabbage lying on the ground and disappointedly departs the scene.

If you have an interesting experience with your portable cabbage converter, you may like to add it to the Cabbage Experiences page.

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