Cabbage Collectibles

Cabbage Bit
Cabbage embroidered thing
Buy from: Phyllis Philp's Machine Embroidery

Cabbage Button
Cabbage pewter button
Buy from: Quilting with Hearts and Hands
Cabbage tile
Cabbage and Onion Tile
Buy from: Royce Wood handmade tiles.

Cabbage Plates
Cabbage crockery
Buy the whole set! Includes salad bowls, plates, platters and tureens.
Buy from: Acquisitions (N.Z.).

Cabbage Pincushion

Buy from: Satin Keepsakes.

Pewter Bowl
Pewter Cabbage Bowl
Great for serving salads or as a centrepiece.
Cabbage Fabric
Cabbage craft fabric.
Beautiful cabbage-themed fabric by the metre.
Buy from Fabric Vision, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Cabbage Hat
Or you could always have the patented Cabbage Hat.
Buy from: The supermarket. Make it yourself!

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