Boz Scaggs

We're all alone (Video)

Outside the rain begins
And it may never end
So cry no more, on the shore a dream
will take us out to sea
|: forever more :|

Close your eyes and dream
And you can be with me
beneath the waves, through the caves of hours
Long forgotten now
|: We're all alone :|

Close the window, calm the light
And it will be alright
No need to bother now
Let it out, let it all begin
[Learn how to pretend/*Blowing to the wind/**All's forgotten now]


Once a story's told
it can't help but grow old
Roses do, lovers too, so cast
your seasons to the wind
|: [And/Oh] hold me dear :|


|: We're all alone :|


|: My love :|


My love, we're all alone!

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