The Weavers

On top of Old Smoky (Video)

On top of old Smoky, all covered with snow,
I lost my true lover for courting so slow.

For courting's a pleasure, but parting is grief
And the false hearted lover is worse than a thief.

A thief will just rob you and take what you have
But a false hearted lover will lead you to the grave.

And the grave will decay you and turn you to dust
Not one boy in a hundred a poor girl can trust.

They'll hug you and kiss you, tell you more lies
than cross ties on a railroad or the stars in the sky.


So come all you young maidens and listen to me
Never place your affection on a green willow tree.

For the leaves they will wither and roots they will die
You'll all be forsaken and never know why.

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