Billy Joe Spears

Blanket on the ground

Come and look out through the window that big old moon is shining down
Tell me now, don't it remind you of a blanket on the ground?
Remember back when love first found us, we'd go slipping out of town
And we'd love beneath the moonlight on a blanket on the ground.

I'll get the blanket from the bedroom, and we'll go walking once again
To that spot down by the river where our sweet love first began
Just because we are married don't mean we can't slip around
So let's walk out through the moonlight, and lay the blanket on the ground.

Oh remember how excited we used to get when love was young
That old moon was our best buddy, we couldn't wait for night to come
Now you know you still excite me, I know you love me like I am
Just once more I wish you'd love me on a blanket on the ground.


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