Thank you to Laura for all of your time and beautiful work on my dress...
Laura and I started dreaming up this dress in November, six months before the wedding.  The design was inspired by Galadriel's mirror dress in the movie, The Lord of the Rings.
Once we got all of our ideas together, Laura started with Simplicity pattern 8981.  She used the pattern for the underneath layer made of white satin.  For the outer layer, Laura had to get a general bodice pattern from the Simplicity pattern.  However, instead of following the pattern, Laura did not want to piece the embroidery, so she fashioned the entire outer layer from one piece of fabric.  This was the tricky part!  Laura used me as a "living manequin" and cut the dress to fit as I was wearing it.  She later hand sewed it all together.  We used an embroidered silk chiffon.  Here you can see the detail of the embroidery. 
The dress has a hidden zipper in the back, which is the only place the outer and under layer are held together.  Laura fashioned a sash made with the same fabric as the outer chiffon layer, which is simply tied in the back with a knot.  Laura had to hand sew every part of the dress that involved the chiffon, and the hems are hand surged.  The dress has a small train, no more than six inches of chiffon.  The neckline is a simple scoop neckline, which Laura trimmed with white velvet to match the cape.
click here to see pictures of the cape
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