Camp Training Begins To-day

Today upwards of one hundred men of the Bermuda Volunteer Rifle Corps go into Camp for training in order to fit them for the work of taking part in the upholding the honour of the british. It may be recalled that in response to Lord Kitchener's call for volunteers one hundred and twenty men of the Corps offered themselves. On Thursday last His Excellency the Governor received notification from the Secretary of State for War that the men would be accepted. They were accordingly summoned to attend on Saturday at Fort Hamilton for medical inspection, and it speaks well for the physique of the men that only a few were rejected.
   His Excellency in addressing the volunteers on parade reminded them that from that day forward they were soldiers. They were to undergo a period of training to prepare them for the discharge of the arduous duties that lay before them. They were joining in a struggle the greatest in the history of the world; they would acquit themselves to their own honour and that of their country and empire.
   His Excellency was attended by Major Nugent, D.A.A.& Q.M.G., and Major R.W. Appleby, O.C., B.V.R.C.
   What has Bermuda to say to these young men who come forward of their own free will to help their country in the hour of need. This-that the little island glows with pride to think that she can still breed sons of the stuff that true Britons are made of. They have shown in the most unmistakeable fashion that as in the days of old they can answer to the signal "England expects that every man will do his duty."
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